FireFox 0.9 raped my ass

I don’t know what happened, but after I download the beta 2 release of FireFox 0.9, the browser started to become unstable, but it’s bearable in some ways… but when I turn on my computer today, FireFox just crashed immediately. Even after creating a new profile, it still crashes periodically especially when I’m browsing dynamic content like fourms or this LJ.

So I fire up the cursed IE to check the Mozilla site again, downloaded the new version 0.9, installed it, and it crashes immedately again. So I uninstalled FireFox, deleted all the user profiles, and then go back and reinstall FireFox – no luck, still crash on first run, even on a “clean” install (as clean as I can make it). Now I’m currently able to visit an average of 5 links before FireFox crashes again. This is starting to remind me of… say, Internet Explorer?

I have no idea what to do right now, and I’m just a bearer of warnings to make sure you check its stability before you update FireFox.

EDIT: The new update mandates that YOU MUST UNINSTALL FIREFOX 0.8 before you proceed. It could save FireFox 0.9 from shitting on you, but you’ll never know.

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