jamuszero: heyo
DL Tenchi: os
jamuszero: o_O
jamuszero: moon?
DL Tenchi: moon
jamuszero: moon!
jamuszero: moon….
DL Tenchi: have you looked at the eclipse yet?
jamuszero: clouds
jamuszero: no moon
DL Tenchi: it’s clear here
DL Tenchi: see moon

More sketches

I’m bored to death, despite the fact that I’m frantically trying to do a bunch of stuff at the same time… you also lose sense of time when there isn’t such things as midterms and finals to bother you anymore. It’s like a neverending summer vacation… which is pretty much what is happening right now.

I’m feeling pretty grim as far as where I can go with the skills that I have… I know what I can do and what I want to do, but it doesn’t really fit the mold of what traditional game companies are looking for. After all these sulking, maybe I should really consider going for the back door (boring DB/web stuff)… this gets worst too, especially when your parents start to talk about retirement and you still don’t have a proper job.

Anyway, a new sketch… finally, something half decent. The sketch is mainly used to established the clothing of the main characters, so the poses are pretty awkward. If you have better names for the characters, please suggest them… because of my limited knowledge, I pretty much do what the FOBs do when they pick English names – open the telephone book and randomly point a finger at a name.


I haven’t posted sketches in a while. So in the spirit of thwarting the imposter, here’s a few (terribly drawn) sketches I’ve been doing:

I can never get used to that drawing desk, I sware. I’m also terribly out of pratice; having this new personal project to work on revitalized my will to draw again, but not by much…

Remember this?

Here’s a fun one: More than a year after I made that kinda fun flash game, here’s the first time someone try to blatantly claim that I’m an imposter, and not the real creator of the game. So I decided to waste 3 hours of my time writing this long e-mail to prove the other guy wrong. Here’s what I wrote:

Well, where do we begin? First of all, why does the Newgrounds profile e-mail directly link to this e-mail address, and not your friend’s?

To be honest with you, I really don’t care if you think I’m a poser or not. Why should I care? I made the game, I’m making a sequel, and friends who recieved my art as gifts and co-workers who had seen my programming don’t give me so much as a flicker of doubt. I don’t check the internet everyday to see if my work got stolen; chances are millions of people might be crediting their name on my game right now. Who cares? It’s public domain, it’s up for grabs. I never questioned anyone who wants to post my game up on their site. They can never take out the names on the credits, that’s for sure.

As far as the source file is concerned, I had given the full source code to at least one other person and some partial codes to others. As you can see, I’m a firm believer in open source pratices and I’m not too keen on somehow “defending” my code, so I’m not surprised if your friend somehow got a hold of the source file.

And no, I don’t personally know LegendaryFrog and I have not worked with him on anything; we’ve never had an e-mail exchange, nor have we collaborated or voice acted each other’s projects. Sure, your friend might have contributed his voice to one of his *unpublished* flash videos. You can privately ask LegendaryFrog about it. I think that people like us are very fond about unfinished/abandoned project too, so he might have a backup of what your friend claims to have.

But if this is for your personal sense of justice or something, here’s where I get to have some fun. Ask him to give you the following as evidence, immediately, and see what kind of excuse he can come up with:

1. Does he have the full version of the entire Ronin “sound track”? This includes every song listed in the geocities FAQ. And full versions of it too – for example, the boss song, Sakura, is about 1:30 long. But this is not poser proof – if he’s persistent, he can kazza it all. At the very least, he should have all the music files handy in a single directory.

2. Can he draw Ronin, Rei, and Red Fox? Every piece of art in the game was done by me (except the photographic backgrounds), vector traced inside the game or retouched in photoshop by me. Ask him to draw Rei on the spot. Give him a piece of paper and a pen. See how well he can do.

3. Last but not least, ask him these questions about the game. If he knows all the answers, I’ll at least admit that he’s a Ronin fanatic, and will forgive him as such. DON’T FORGET TO WRITE DOWN AND E-MAIL ME HIS ANSWERS!

Here’s a few easy one for starters:

Q: How many pictures can you collect in the game?
Q: How many death animations are there per character?
Q: List all the attacks that can be slash canceled.

Here’s some hard core questions:

Q: What does the story mode try to imitate?
Q: In the story mode, act 2, opening storyline, what is that single drawing trying to mirror?
Q: How many flames does Red Fox spawn in the circular fire attack in Extreme Mode?
Q: How many waves does the arena mode contain?

While we’re at it, let’s ask some coding questions!

Q: How did I make locational per pixel collision detection possible? (just ask him that)
Q: What type of 3D rendering did I use for the maze?

Yes, I’m fully aware that he’ll BS his way out of all these questions. If you don’t want to waste your own time, just ask him to draw Ronin and that should kill his credibility instantly. I’m only interested to know what kind of BS answer he can come up with… poser or not, I’m sure whatever his answers are would be able to amuse me for this whole weekend and beyond.

Bleh, just to further my own pride and share the excitement, I’ll take a picture of my desk and send you a photo of the new concept art with my camera phone.

Have fun. Don’t forget to send me his answers!

— Kitae Kang wrote:

> Thanks a lot. Seems like you know enough. I’m saying
> that because now
> my friend says that you are a poser. I can’t really
> doubt anyone here
> because you both have a lot of proof that you made
> the game. My friend
> also claimed that he would send to actually file to
> me so that i can
> see how its done. If that every happens, then what
> do you think
> happened? Was he able to steal the game? He claimes
> he was the one to
> put it on newgrounds too. Was he just so good that
> he just made the
> game identical? Or as he claimes, you are a poser. I
> really think you
> made it though. He even claims to have worked with
> Joey
> (legendaryfrog) for voice acting (which he is
> ask him that I would ask Joey and he suddenly
> changed his position to
> “but i don’t think he even put the movie up let
> anlone remember me”.
> But this time he keeps claiming that he programmed
> it. Other than
> hacking, is there anyother way that he could’ve
> gotten the game on to
> his computer without having you send it to him? If
> you can’t, and he
> really does send it,then I have no choice but to say
> that you are a
> poser (which I believe you are not as of the
> moment).
——– QUOTE END —————

Yes, I have no life.

And I took out the answer of the questions since I’ll be sending the person who e-mailed me this way to look at the sketches I’m about to post.

Room w/ lots of stuff

I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, but I didn’t bother to install my bluetooth software until I really need it for something else. Anyway, I’ve made some pretty cool arrangements around my room shortly after I graduated, and I described it in several occasions but the picture should give you a better idea of how it looks like.

This is my desk. I usually take down the racing wheels when I’m not using it, because it’s cramping the desk space. The rightmost speaker is sitting on a movable platform that’s reshaped from a cheap Ikea printer shelf. I love the speaker arrangements – they’re almost pin-point perfect for games that requires high level of locational awareness (any FPS…).

This is the drafting desk I’ve been talking about a long time ago. Sadly, I’m still not used to using it – I’m too used to drawing on the desk, which is still easier on my hands but a pain for my back. At the very least, the draft table is dedicated to drawing, unlike the computer desk, which is loaded with messes of distracting pretty things like the computer.


I stole a bunch of Microsoft gaming peripherals from the GameLab where I work at yesterday, including a flight stick (yes, that’s the one you’re eyeballing, George, I’ll give it to ya), a voice command station + headphones, and a racing wheel + pedal. It turns out that using a racing wheel to play racing game is a lot more fun than using the keyboard; you might have said “duh”, but I’ve always believed that a racing wheel that doesn’t do full turns like a real steering wheel would suck… but it turns out that I don’t even steer that far anyways. Now if only I can find a driver that fixes the vibration bug, it’d be perfect…

(If you really care, I’m playing Need For Speed Underground.)