So today at work, I had to finalize my project by supporting one of my co-workers by writing server functionality to broadcast and listen in to messages. The idea is for multiple flash clients to log in and tap-in all all the database activities from our web, applet, midlet, and torque clients and visualize those activities in exciting ways.

And when we were testing the program by writing some primitive message tracking, we were looking at our refreshes appearing on each other’s computer… and the bell rings. Hey, this same system can be used as a chat client!

so here it is: Mah First Chat Client

Yea, I whipped this up in about 5 minutes after I got back home from work, so it’s not robust or even bug free, but it works! The room is going to be frightfully empty most of the time, but if you see me on AIM, message me and chat it up, I want to see how much pressure the server can handle XD

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