When I first saw that ActionScript 2.0 has native support for class script files, I thought that the days of messy script organization is over, since I don’t have to stick scripts everywhere within the movie object themselves (which are, by and large, graphical entities and should have no shit to do with codes). But the implementation is half-assed at best; the way you have to attach the base class to existing entities is a joke.

So get this, to create an object in flash that has a base class attached to it, you have to
create a library object (which has a name of its own)
give it an object ID (for the purpose of duplicating that library object via actionscript)
attach it to a AS2.0 class (which has a name)

create an instance of the object (which has a name) by its object ID (which has a name) which belongs to the AS2.0 class (which has a name)…

And this is only the second AS2.0 class I’m writing. I’m kind of sure that heavy reamage will follow as I progress thru this uncharted territory that is AS2.0…

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