One more…

last badge art… certainly not my last art post during this time… I’ll need to keep the momentum and jump right into my poster stuff.

such a hack job >.< this is done in about half the time it takes to do the one before it... was running out of time because all the wierd stuff in life popped up today. I'm not sure if I got the message across that this is a gnome... the World of Warcraft gnome is already a chibi...

More badge art

this one for .

It’s a lot of fun working on this one since I’m much less pressed to get the anatomy right and all the character designs are already set in stone… and since the art is not for myself, I am also a lot looser about shading boundries, light sources, and so on. In the end, it took half the time to finish this when compared to the badge art for myself, and it looks just about as good to me… gao.

*puke* *gag*

Badge art… done… sort of… there’s really no excuse for putting myself in this sorry spot, but here I am, wasted a week and have about 11 hours to work on my day job project after getting this piece of artwork finished.

The fire effect looks like a terrible hack job but I simply can’t get it done right; don’t have any complex background because it doesn’t seem to look good on the badge and more importantly, I’m out of time and severely lazy… aside from those two things though, it looks better than I expected, which is a relief.

Elf Ninja

Since I’ll be staffing at AX this year, I thought that I’d do a few giant sized posters to display at the gallery and then fill up those empty wall spaces in my room. Originally I wanted my badge art to be one of my 4 planned posters… but WoW stole too much of my time, so I went and did a quick sketch instead… then the quick sketch turned into a full blown picture and took a whole day just to get penciled anyway…

Originally, I was hoping to go for some sort of elf/ninja hybrid, but then I didn’t want to hide the great anatomy of the figure after I spend so much time getting them right… and because of the cut at the belly, the normal ninja tight pants don’t look good at all… so now she’s more like an elf/arabian bandit thingie. Oh well. At least I’m very happy that my skills are coming back… hopefully, it’d also mean that I’d be able to go through with my original plan of getting those posters done before AX.

One Song Wonder

If you ever cared to read the bottom of all the posts I made on LJ, you’d notice that I never post my mood or my current music. I omit the former because I think I conveyed my mood well enough from the post itself, so posting my “current mood” is just plain redundant. The latter, however, has more of a story to it, and it’ll lead to the picture part of the post.

Long story short: I’m a single tasked person. While most people in the modern world work like Windows or Linux, I’m just plain old Dos – one task at a time, or I won’t be able to get anything done at all. For this reason, I don’t listen to music much – and when I do, I’d only listen to music and not do anything else.

Perhaps it’s also because of this one tracked mind, I don’t like to voluntarily try and listen to new songs… but when I do find one that I listen to, I’d do it over and over again until I find a new song to listen to, then I’ll forget about the old song completely and listen to the new song over and over again.

But when I started driving around, everything changed. There I am, driving between home and school for 30 to 40 minutes each trip, and the radio never played anything I liked (except from the short lived 103.1 KDL station)… so I had to dig through old songs that I abandoned and compile CDs that I can pass the time with. Over time, I also started to compile volumes that my friends would recognize, so that I’d have something to show off when I give them rides and such.

Ever since KDL (that I know and love) sold out on me and DDR is now a thing of the past, I’ve been meaning to compile a few CDs that will probably never ever change – and to make the compendium look cooler, I bought a pack of cheap CD labels to make my own CD covers, and they turn out to look great. So happy am I with it that I’m going to share the labels and the song lists here:

Bemani The Final – Speed

Dance Dance Revolution
AM-3P (AM East Mix)
Estacy (Midnight Blue Mix)
Sexy Planet (From Nonstop Megamix)
The Legend of Max
MaxX Unlimited
Max 300
Abyss (The Heavens Mix)
Paranoia Respect
Brilliant 2U (K.O.G. G3 Mix)
Paranoia Survivor Max
Dynamite Rave (B4 Za Beat Mix)
Trip Machine Survivor
Celebrate Nite (Euro Trance Style)
Gradiusic Cyber (AMD G5 Mix)
Vanity Angel
Leading Cyber
Last Message
Genome Scream
Healing Vision (Angelic Mix)
End of the Century
Lupin the 3rd ’78
Furuhata’s Theme
L’amour et la Liberte
Rhythm and Police
Cancy *
Exotic Ethnic
I Feel
Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix)
Paranoia Eternal
Midnite Blaze
www.Blonde.Girl (Momo Mix)
So Deep

This is about the 4th to 5th time I try to compile the speed tracks in DDR… it’s pretty much perfect, now that I finally added Maximizer into the list… and I could care less about any future versions of “Maxes” that KOA tries to pull off… not that anyone else would care, since ITG is now all the rage, it seems.

Bemani The Final – Soul

Let the Beat Hit Em
In the Heat of the Night
Aoi Shodou
Spin the Disc
True… (Radio Edit)
Ever Snow
Petit Love
Love Shine
Silent Hill (3rd Christmas Mix)
Be Rock U (1998 Burst Style)
Moonlight Shadow
Ordinary World
Stars (2nd NAOKI’s style)
Look to the Sky
Young Forever
Hyper Eurobeat
Center of the Heart
Dancing All Alone
Conga Feeling
Long Train Running
If You Can Say Goodbye
Trance De Janeiro
Bumble Bee
Kind Lady (Interlude)
Shooting Star
Let’s Groove
Secret Rendez-vous
Typical Tropical
Dam Dariram
White Lovers
Wonderland (UKS Mix)
Higher (Next Morning Mix)
Drifting Away
Pink Dinosaur
Pink Rose
Bad Girls
I Do I Do I Do

I’m crossing my fingers on this particular list – I’ve never been able to put together a good set of slower DDR songs together, mainly because the selection is limited and a lot of songs are too repetitive to listen to without the complimentary arrows. The “soul” (well, not really) theme allows me to bring out a few songs like Superstar and Na-Na, which I hope would work well into the rest of the list.

Kajiura 2005 (Unpure)

Tori no Uta (Air)
Ensei (Mai-Hime)
Aishitene Motto (Tenjo Tenge)
Nowhere (Madlax)
Snow (Kanon)
Mezame (Mai-Hime)
Bomb A Head! (Tenjo Tenge)
Fake Wings (.hack//SIGN)
Flower By The Pond (Mai-Hime)
Margaret (Madlax)
Lovely Intersection (Mai-Hime)
B.T. (.hack//SIGN)
Ai (Excel Saga)
It’s Only the Fairy Tale (Mai-Hime)
Second Flight (Onegai Twins)
To Find Your Flower (Madlax)
Chiisana Hoshi ga Oriru Toki (Mai-Hime)
Elenore (Mai-Hime)
Kimi ga Sora Datta (Ur… forgot)
Key of the Twlight (.hack//SIGN)
Shining Days (Mai-Hime)

I tried to compile an all Kajiura disc, but with just Madlax, .hack//SIGN and Mai-Hime to work with, I’m way short of materials here… not to mention a lot of Kajiura tracks don’t really play well outside of the anime context, unlike, say, Yoko Kanno’s stuff. Anyway, I threw in a lot of OPs and EDs missing from my last Anime music compendium, and a few Mai-Hime songs that were not composed by Kajiura. I think Mai-Hime made a first in that there’s actually one or two character singles that I truly enjoyed. I still want to make a pure OP/ED song disc, but unless I can find a huge database of those somewhere, it’s not going to work out… there’s too many series where I don’t have the OST or OP/ED singles, and ripping the songs from fansub episodes yields so low a quality that even the unpicky I can’t stand it…

(this is also known as a cry for help to find the songs I need…)

Mild Discomfort

White America – Eminem, of course
What is Love – Haddaway… the song itself isn’t much, but I’ve seen countless flash animations that uses this song to dipict “interesting” scenes…
This Song Title is Too Hot for LJ! – Can’t… say ^_^
Stacy’s Mom – Quite addicted to the song after seeing the real music video to it, not the AMV
Out to the Haters – Obscure title from a Newgrounds submission, feel free to ignore
MaxX Unlimited (Howard Dean Mix) – Hyahhh!!!
Dragoste Din Tei – The song behind the Numa Numa craze… the song itself is pretty addictive
The Legend of Let Them Move – Because I have a MaxX Unlimited “remix”, this is thrown in for good measure
I’m a Scat Man – No Comment
The Terrible Mr. Grimshaw – The opening of the song is weak… but the part that goes “I fucking shot him like 50 fucking times” won me over
Fuzzy Math – No Bushit!
Menya Zovut Shnur – Another obscure song linked to Newgrounds.
Banana Phone – This song drives me bananas!
Grabbag – The title song for Duke Nukem 3D… not much I can do to logically explain why this is here
Moskau, Moskau – The video is easy to find… but the song is obscure as hell. Took me a while to find this one.
Your Horoscope for Today – Been in multiple versions of this CD and has no reason to be taken out.
She Bangs feat. William Hung – because I feel like poking myself in the eye.
Bimbo No. 5 – More Wierd Al stuff.
Quake Master – The only MC Hawking song nowadays that I can withstand without skipping… although I should have put in the one about GTA.
She Blocked Me – found it from
Baby Got Back – No comment necessary
The Night Santa Went Crazy – Another Wierd Al song that I found a LONG time ago… thrown in for nostalgia
Nazi Requiem – A remix of the title BGM for the original Castle Wolfenstein 3D, featuring sound bytes from speeches that Hitler made… it’s here because it’s got Nazis in it!

This is the disc that I don’t listen to often, but once in a while I’d pull it out for kicks or use it to amuse/annoy those unfortunate enough to share a ride with me. This edition of songs started out small, but by the end I think I’m happy with my selection (and addition) of songs from all over. Please do ask about this one when you’re getting a ride from me – it’d usually make my day.

Hotel Heartbreak

Late Goodbye
Everything You Want
Kiss Me
Don’t Speak
Truly Madly Deeply
How Come, How Long
Save Tonight
One In A Million
That Don’t Impress Me
In The End
Hotel California
Falls Apart
Where the Wild Roses Grow

This is a compilation that I kept for the sake of tradition, and my lack of enthusiasm shows when you look at the small track list. This type of stuff was the only stuff I’d listen to 4, 5 years ago, but since then the list begins to condense until I have these few ones left, each of them linked to some significant part of my life and has a story to go with it. I wonder if I’ll ever have a reason to listen to this now… but eh, better to keep it around than to panic when I need it…

KDL Final Mix featuring Trance Tuesday

Protect Your Mind (Ayla Mix)
Shine (Full Vocal 12 Inch Mix)
I Still Love You
Burned With Desire (Rising Star Vocal Mix)
Come Into My World
Intuition (Markus Schulz Remix)
If You’re Not the One (Metro Mix)
Come Into My Dream (Vocal Radio Mix)
Castle In The Sky
Surrender (Mike Rizzo Mix)

I’m actually not very happy with this compilation, since it was done in a hurry. I’m not much in the mood to listen to the KDL trance/house/techno songs lately, so it’s been hard to decide which songs out of the original 2CD set to keep or drop… also in the end, I didn’t pick a significant amount of stuff from the Trance Tuesdays offerings… oh well, it may turn out well afterall.

One more image and I might have to start deleting old ones…

…and that’s the truth… since the server at school where I work at got 1337 haxored (not to mention the phone that we were working our project on got mugged at gunpoint), I’ve been using my personal web space to host my work stuff as well as my personal stuff… the web space is stretching to the last 100-200k as it is, so don’t be surprised when things in the back logs start disappearing =_=

These last week or two had just been wierd in terms of schedules. I’m finally getting some input from people who’s working on my new project … well, more like I wedge myself in where I don’t completely belong, but it’s helpful nonetheless. So finally I can have something to do that I can claim hours on, and that’s what matters =_=

(strong language follows. not that the subject matter leads to it, I just feel like venting and “speaking freely”)

I’m also working hard to get a few drawings done. It’s tough, especially since I gave up on drawing for quite a while. So in the end I’m going to need some props and do some picture studies. I remembered that in my grade school days they used to sell these cheap $1 ninja sword or He-Man sword or whatever, so I went to Toys R’ Us to check it out…

And they have like 1 small corner for “role playing” toys… took me awhile to find it too because I thought the 3rd edition rule book would have gone to that section. Anyway, the selection there is piss poor, and to get what I needed I’ll need to pay 30 bucks. Yeah, I’ll need to pay 10g (sorry, WoW influences) for a fucking plastic katana that is completely straight (which is not anatomically correct as far as katanas go) and makes funky sounds when you swing it (which I don’t need since I’m using it for pose studies)… and another 20g for the “complete ninja set” including 2 sais that “transforms” into a 20 inch long “staff”, some shurikens, a utility belt (what the fuck is a ninja doing with a fucking utility belt, go figure) and a kid size ninja outfit (which obviously will not fit on me).

So I’m not going to pay 30g for this shit… and I pretty much just stole 5 minutes from your life to explain the origin of this picture:

I dropped by Art Supplies Warehouse to grab a big piece of foam board, some air dry miracle clay, a heavy duty x-acto, and a metalic ink pen for kicks. So yeah, it ends up costing me about 20 bucks anyway, but right now I have all these things in the picture and I still have half a foam board, 1 pack of clay (used the other pack making the weapons seen above), and obviously the metalic ink pen and the x-acto knife is for mine to keep. I’m especially proud of the 3 pronged dagger that I call the “Wind Blade” for lack of a better term (and let me know if you have a proper name for it or you’d like to christen it something else), since there’s no way in hell that someone would be selling crap that’s unique to my specification… so overall, I am very happy that I’d decided not to buy the crappy expensive shit and did my own thing.

On a completely unrelated note, the Mai-Hime OST finally blew up my media hard drive space, so I was going through my anime folder for stuff to delete and I’ve found that I have the entire archive of Haibane Renmei but didn’t see any of the episodes yet… so I’ll probably spend an all nighter chewing through that to further degrade my sleep/wake schedule.

Last but not least, I’m starting to feel the nails on the coffin when it comes to WoW… there just isn’t much that I *want* to do in the game anymore (note the emphisis on *want*). Right now, I’m just waiting for everyone to hit 60 and start banging at all the 60 instances and what-have-you, but that’s about it… I didn’t like the way Guild War works from my short E3 experience with it, so maybe a month or two later I might (OMG) actually get some work done on whatever I work on… wouldn’t that be wierd.