One more image and I might have to start deleting old ones…

…and that’s the truth… since the server at school where I work at got 1337 haxored (not to mention the phone that we were working our project on got mugged at gunpoint), I’ve been using my personal web space to host my work stuff as well as my personal stuff… the web space is stretching to the last 100-200k as it is, so don’t be surprised when things in the back logs start disappearing =_=

These last week or two had just been wierd in terms of schedules. I’m finally getting some input from people who’s working on my new project … well, more like I wedge myself in where I don’t completely belong, but it’s helpful nonetheless. So finally I can have something to do that I can claim hours on, and that’s what matters =_=

(strong language follows. not that the subject matter leads to it, I just feel like venting and “speaking freely”)

I’m also working hard to get a few drawings done. It’s tough, especially since I gave up on drawing for quite a while. So in the end I’m going to need some props and do some picture studies. I remembered that in my grade school days they used to sell these cheap $1 ninja sword or He-Man sword or whatever, so I went to Toys R’ Us to check it out…

And they have like 1 small corner for “role playing” toys… took me awhile to find it too because I thought the 3rd edition rule book would have gone to that section. Anyway, the selection there is piss poor, and to get what I needed I’ll need to pay 30 bucks. Yeah, I’ll need to pay 10g (sorry, WoW influences) for a fucking plastic katana that is completely straight (which is not anatomically correct as far as katanas go) and makes funky sounds when you swing it (which I don’t need since I’m using it for pose studies)… and another 20g for the “complete ninja set” including 2 sais that “transforms” into a 20 inch long “staff”, some shurikens, a utility belt (what the fuck is a ninja doing with a fucking utility belt, go figure) and a kid size ninja outfit (which obviously will not fit on me).

So I’m not going to pay 30g for this shit… and I pretty much just stole 5 minutes from your life to explain the origin of this picture:

I dropped by Art Supplies Warehouse to grab a big piece of foam board, some air dry miracle clay, a heavy duty x-acto, and a metalic ink pen for kicks. So yeah, it ends up costing me about 20 bucks anyway, but right now I have all these things in the picture and I still have half a foam board, 1 pack of clay (used the other pack making the weapons seen above), and obviously the metalic ink pen and the x-acto knife is for mine to keep. I’m especially proud of the 3 pronged dagger that I call the “Wind Blade” for lack of a better term (and let me know if you have a proper name for it or you’d like to christen it something else), since there’s no way in hell that someone would be selling crap that’s unique to my specification… so overall, I am very happy that I’d decided not to buy the crappy expensive shit and did my own thing.

On a completely unrelated note, the Mai-Hime OST finally blew up my media hard drive space, so I was going through my anime folder for stuff to delete and I’ve found that I have the entire archive of Haibane Renmei but didn’t see any of the episodes yet… so I’ll probably spend an all nighter chewing through that to further degrade my sleep/wake schedule.

Last but not least, I’m starting to feel the nails on the coffin when it comes to WoW… there just isn’t much that I *want* to do in the game anymore (note the emphisis on *want*). Right now, I’m just waiting for everyone to hit 60 and start banging at all the 60 instances and what-have-you, but that’s about it… I didn’t like the way Guild War works from my short E3 experience with it, so maybe a month or two later I might (OMG) actually get some work done on whatever I work on… wouldn’t that be wierd.

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