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When I last tried to compile my CD albums, I was hoping that it’d be the last time I do it, hence the fancy CD labels and all… but there’s too much need for improvement that I’ve done another iteration of CDs, and from the way some of the CDs sound, possibly more revisions. But all in all, I think that a lot of the revisions did make things better. Song List and comments follow.

Anime Crossroad

Ai (Excel Saga)
Dopo Il Sogno – Yume no ato ni
Hitori no Yoru (GTO)
Aishitene Motto (Tenjo Tenge)
Loosey (Burst Angel)
Chisana Tegami (Midori no Hibi)
Yogiri no Honey
Glowing Bare Feet (Lodoss War)
Tori no Uta (Air)
Aitai Remix (Kita He)
Bomb A Head! Returns (Tenjo Tenge)
Shizuke (GTO)
Cruel Angel Thesis (EVA)
Thank You! (Bleach)
Suddenly (BPS)
Tenshi no Yubikiri (Kare Kano)
Life is a Boat (Bleach)
Second Flight (Onegai Twins)
Shikino Uta (Samurai Champloo)
Kaze no Hana (Somedays Dreamers)
Raspberry Heaven (AzuDai)
Shikkari! TRY La Lai (AzuDai)

The “Kajiura Unpure” experiment is an utter failure – Mixing Anime OTs and ETs into purely musical OST tracks is jarring to the ears. So now the (mostly) OTs and ETs are seperated into its own CD. This feels much more like the older Anime music CDs that I have, and initial test hearing indicates that it works pretty well overall

Kajiura Pure

Hime Boshi (Mai Hime)
Kyou no Hajimari (Mai Hime)
Magic and Sword (.hack//SIGN)
Your Place (Madlax)
Obsession (.hack//SIGN)
Mai Yume! (Mai Hime)
Limelda (Madlax)
Pursuit (Madlax)
Elenore (Madlax)
Nowhere (Madlax)
Taisetsu na Hito (Mai Hime)
Key of the Twlight (.hack//SIGN)
Snow (Noir)
Ensei (Mai Hime)
Gakuten Ou Kenzan (Mai Hime)
Romance (Noir)
Shining Days (Mai Hime)
The Day, Too Far (Madlax)
Lovely Intersection (Mai Hime)
To Find Your Flower (Madlax)
Flower by the Pond (Mai Hime)
Koi wo Shita Kara (Mai Hime)
Chiisana Hoshi ga Oriru Toki
B.T. (.hack//SIGN)
Tokiro no Mai (Mai Hime)
Fake Wings (.hack//SIGN)
Mata Aou Ne (Mai Hime)

Since *certain individual* was uncomfortable with the “un-Kajiura” tracks in the “Kajiura” CD, here’s a 90%ish pure mix of music and songs composed by Yuki Kajiura. Yes, I did say 90%, but the songs are from the same Anime and so blends much better than previous attempts. I honestly think I don’t have enough materials to work with, though, and some of the music I picked feels subpar.

More Discomfort

Parental Discretion (Clip)
Don’t Let The Man Get You Down
What is Love
Sex Friends (OT)
William Hung (Clip)
Stacy’s Mom
Bad Touch
All Your Base (Clip)
Enter Sandman
Bimbo Number 5
Hi Ho! (Clip)
Menya Zovut Shnur
Fuzzy Math
Japan Break Industries (Clip)
She Blocked Me
Starwars Gangsta Rap
Maxwell’s Silver Hammer
He’s In the Jailhouse Now
Flaming Moes (Clip)
Born to be Alive
Quake Master
Magic Missile (Clip)
The Terrible Mr. Grimshaw
Baby Got Back
Tseng’s Intro (Clip)
Dragoste Din Tei
Your Horoscope For Today
Moskau, Moskau

More wierd crap from the internets. The one that says “clip” are short 10 second audio clips seperated by TV statics. The statics turn out to be way too loud in comparison to the rest of the CD though, which means I’ll need to come back and retouch this… with more wierd crap.

Digital Opera

Melodies of Life (FFIX)
The Sims 2 Theme
World of Warcraft Theme
Max Payne Theme
Orchestrated Theme (MGS2)
Trinsic (UO)
Lonely Rolling Star
To Zanarkland (FFX)
Isolated (VTM:B)
Arise Within You (Parasite Eve)
Opening (FFVII:AC)
Theme (VTM:B)
Katamari on the Rock
Out of Phase
Ocllo (UO)
Downtown (VTM:B)
Lost Painting (C:SOTN)
Tatakau Monotachi (FFVII:AC)
Dance of Gold (C:SOTN)
Title (Morrowind)
The Best Is Yet To Come (MGS)
Stormwind (WoW)

This compilation started its life as a collection of mellow tracks from games, anime, and classical music. All of the tracks were so slow, though, that I fall asleep everytime I try to arrange the song orders. So I re-themed the album and the result is much more of a mix bag. The CD was originally made for people who would feel uncomfortable listening to any of the other CDs, but as it stands the Kajiura stuff would probably work better…

Bemani Speed

I didn’t change the song list at all. I did correct the arrangement of a few songs though.

Bemani Soul

No change to this CD either. I swaped a song but don’t remember what I swapped. The song list is much weaker than the speedy counterpart, but I’m hoping to boost this CD with In The Groove songs once I get my hands on them somehow.

Cafe HeartBreak

This one remains unchanged for rather obvious reasons. There’s not really any personally significant event that is associated with songs to add to the CD. Plenty of space here though, this thing is only like 60 minutes, I think.

Midnight Estacy

Burned With Desire
You Promised Me
Drifting Away
Don’t Call Me Baby
If You’re Not The One
Burn For You
Come Into My Dreams
Something Happened On The Way to Heaven
Come Into My World

The Trance Tuesday + KDL music CD didn’t work out either, mainly because Justin’s stuff are much longer than the radio edits I typically have… and putting all of his stuff at the start of a CD is just… it just drags on and on. Making 2 CDs even the songs out, and allows me to put some of the songs I missed back in. Thematically the songs are all love related, but it hardly makes an emotional dent like Cafe Heartbreak does.

Midnight Fever

Look At us
Shiny Disco Ball
Burning Up For You
Days Go By
Protect Your Mind
Don’t Give Up
I See Right Through To You
Castle In the Sky
One More Time
Murder On The Dance Floor

Dance tracks that doesn’t belong in the first CD pretty much ends up here, but strictly speaking this is not the “non-love related” collection, because you just run out of songs pretty quickly that way.

Overall, these improvements are made:

1) The names of the CDs are much more unified, with less caption and utilitarian descriptions.
2) Song lists are now 100% clear to read on the CDs, not that you’d see it unless I post pictures.
3) The song lists are much more conservative and involve much less genre/theme/source/artist crossing than the previous attempt. It just seems to work better this way.

Well, more music to listen to when I get terribly lost.

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