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Okay, can somebody explain to me: why does the microphone recording volume has ANYTHING to do with pops and clicks an playback? I’ve been hearing clicks and pops when I start playing mp3 (and only mp3 files, downloaded anime plays fine). You have no idea how annoying that gets when you try to hear things like the piano tracks in the Advent Children OST that I recently found. Anyway, I just sort of remembered that I had this problem before and fixed it. At 1am in the morning, and I remembered it for no particular reason.

By the way, I’m playing World of Warcraft again. Yes, I am weak, and thank you for asking.

I’ve been trying to come up with (yet another) of my own trading card game lately. At first I played around with the idea of encapsulating D&D into a card game format, creating a DM deck type and a characters deck type, with the kicker that

– character decks can be played against each other like traditional 1 on 1 battle card games
– DM decks can be pre-constructed instead of controlled by a “DM”, so players can solo challenge a scenario solitare style
– DM decks can be shuffled and pulled in random order to create random dungeon scenarios
– The game facilitates a group of players trying to run a normal role playing session completely within the limits of the game rules
– And along with the last point, there needs to be a concept of a “higher level” character deck or play mode and the same goes to DM decks.

Yeah, it’d be kick ass if all of the above problems are solved, but so far, I’m stuck at trying to resolve combat as non-traditionally as possible (i.e. attack/defense or power/toughness) without resorting to dice rolling (which simply doesn’t belong in a TCG). If anyone ever has an interest in that sort of thing, feel free to put in your input…

Meanwhile, I just figured I would hijack the “greatest MMO idea EVAR” that Justin thought of and build a TCG around this idea:

You, the player, is a nobody who got rejected by this popular hot chick during High School. Now that you’ve entered the same college with her and a bunch of other guys (players) who also got rejected by her, the lot of you losers conjure up an idea after the consumption of much, much too many alcohol: that you’d all change identity and become “players”, and whoever acquire enough “playa powar” to hook up with this chick who dumped you wins the “game” in addition to being able to exact revenge on this… let’s call her “Jade, that bitch who dumped you before”.

Okay, so to accomplish your goal, you have to start assuming different identities (because obviously being you just isn’t good enough). Each identity gives you some “babe attracting powers” like the illusion of money, fortune, fame, mojo, etc. Obviously the more identities you can juggle with the more babes you can attract, but having more identities also mean you’ll become more vulerable to other players who wants to debunk you in some way… still trying to figure out rule mechanics, but you get the idea.

Then the “chick” cards become your arsenal/objective/liability all in one. You win the game by collecting enough chicks with an added total of some resource value (so as to attract the attention of Jade TBWDYB). Girls are divided into categories:

-there’s the shy type that’s loyal, less questioning about your various identities, and low maintanance, but worth little to work toward your objective, but you can construct a deck around getting a horde of these “fangirls” into a weenie rush deck.

-there’s the rebel troublemaking types that works you toward your objective as well as obliterating other people’s lives – ruining their identities, scaring away relationships… the only problem is that they’re just as prone to turn on you as they are to others.

-then there’s the royal highness types who just won’t get off their high thrones. They devour up the scene if you get them but they’re high maintainance, and can turn out to be psycho if fetched to the wrong side of the fence.

Then there’s the sporty type, the foreign exchange student… basically pulling everything out of the book in a harlem anime. Then you start throwing in surprises and dirty tricks and you have a complete game of tricks, lies, and mayhem, and hopefully lots of good times.

I’ll post once I get some demo cards going…

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