Once again fucked

Okay, I think my paypal account is compromised. Since about a month ago, I’ve been getting strange e-mails from paypal about my account activities. I tried logging in, but somehow my password didn’t work. To their credit, I do have multiple versions of multiple passwords to fit all the different stupid password requirements (start with a number, must have a number, end with a number…), so I just ignored it since I don’t use the account anyway.

Now that there’s a new e-mail address added to the account, that probably means I won’t even be able to log in again, ever. Paypal has no e-mail support and there’s one single dainty phone number on the entire site… so I’m fucked. I’ll try to call customer service tomorrow, and quite possibly I’ll have to close my credit card entirely or at least change the number somehow.

All this for an account that I don’t even use. Fucking paypal.

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