Wheel of Fortune

New computer status: pending. Looks like I’ll be able to save about a thousand dollars if I put the computer together myself, but really… I don’t feel so enthusiastic about putting together my own computer anymore. It used to be that there’s not that many variations in hardware, and most things you put together lasts quite awhile… nowadays the hardware scene bloomed, the choices multiplied, and so do the compatibility problems. The closer you push to the edge the more problem sinks in, not to mention that the computer you buy may become 1) obsolete in less than 2 months, or 2) blow up in less than 2 years…

But really, after my desktop exploded, I’ve been spending time on a lot of old habit that died two years ago, turning those moments of “what the hell I used to do before playing WoW” to “this is what the hell I did before playing WoW”. Met a bunch of people – more people I’ve met than the entire last year combined, sans AX. And play a lot of flash games. And started to post of BBS again. And pulled out some old SPRPGs and started playing them over again.

I wish I can go back to the mood where I feel like sitting down and writing games outside of work. My mind do feel like the wheel of fortune at times, sometimes it’s worth $300, other times $3500… still others is the mystery round with the bankrupt tag in the back.

Last night I had a dream of a girlfriend, not from anyone I knew but something completely imaginary. I haven’t had those kinds of dreams in ages. Years. And no, haven’t been looking out for anything remotely related to Valentine’s until someone reminded me of it.

Am I saying too much? I think I’m saying too much. Thank god nobody bothers to read these posts nowadays.

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