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Computer Status Update: Fried As Usual.

No no, I’m talking about the Thompsonsoft Game. Whether you care about Jack Thompson and his “Modest Proposal” or not, the game is great in its own right. It is able to

1) Follow the outline of the proposal down to the finest details (obviously bending some of it to make ends meet, but still, check out level 2’s background music)
2) Pay a surprising amount of homage to LOTs of videogames, both old and new.
3) Stay fun – where many parodies failed this game is actually able to keep the fun factor in check~

The last two level, in particular, are really worth playing – and I also need to enlist your help. Listen to the level 3 music (and if you don’t want to play the game, download it and you’ll find it conveniently in the “music” folder) and see if you get all snippets of music from other video games. I’ve only been able to put together the easy ones… obviously, part of the music might be original, but since I’m too uneducated in music of the NES era I’m sure there’s a couple more games hidden in the song. Here’s what I’ve been able to figure out so far:

(SPOILERS: well, sort of, but it’s not that hard to get to level 3 anyway)

– 0:08 Super Mario Bros. 1-2
– 0:28 Unknown
– 0:38 Another Game I believe, Unknown
– 0:43 Probably just a lead-in
– 0:52 Legend of Zelda 1
– 1:02 Super Mario Bros. 1-1 (god this one is hard to figure out)
– 1:29 Tetris for Gameboy Music Type B
– 1:51 Super Mario Bros. 1-2 again, although the overtune might be from another game

I won’t even start going into all the games that’s being referenced visually… but really, play up to level 3 and get to the 3rd floor… I think I’ll leave it at that.

EDIT: I R STUPID. Solution from the composer can be found at his blog.

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