Did you get 40 thousand viruses on your computer?

New computer status: built, and purring like a kitty, no small thanks to George and co.

Since windows security center decides to turn itself on and nag me about installing an anti-virus software, I’ve decided “what the hell” and installed one. I figured it wouldn’t hurt, since my new computer can do that and play any game without taking performance hits…

then the warnings start coming in. I’ve been getting about 3-4 viruses/trojans/spywares that’s being detected by the software daily, mmm, if these are the ones that are caught, I can’t imagine the ones that slips through and the ones that I have on my old hard drive…

2 years * 365 days * 5 viruses per day = hmmmmm…

Funny that I was trying to fix my neighbor’s computer (she’s the elderly old coot type with the cats, minus the crazy… well for now) about two weeks ago and I was laughing my ass off on how scared she is when I try to open up IE without installing an anti-virus software first.

This, along with the legal trouble, is making me agitated and paranoid, despite the fact that my new desktop is just pristine and perfect in every sense. I feel that whenever I fix up something in my life, another thing goes wrong. This is not what used to happen when I was still in college. With this much responsibility, I wonder why I can’t climb walls or web sling around New York, since obviously it looks like I deserve that.


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