Update Galore

Thought I’d make a seperate post instead of editing the previous one to bump up my post count. Postwhoring 4tw.

Found more stuff to delete. Vundo was just the inital attack; my anti-virus still occasionally recieved and blockd incoming trojans. I formulated a theory about a software that was downloading other trojan and found one Update.exe hidden in my program files folder. I quarantined it, and seeing that there’s no major problems, deleted it.

That deletion made things feel a little more resolved, but if stuff creeps back, I’m going to seriously flip out.

The whole experience makes me extremely paranoid about what I should download and who I should trust. It really sucks though, because I use to love to download and play other people’s small projects/independent products, and now I’m not so sure if the practice is worth risking my computer over, especially since I picked up the habit of buying stuff online from this home computer.

I really wish the world is a better place.

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