Odds and Ends

New tablet arrived from UPS… wacom made a widescreen sized tablet to go with my new monitor. Painted this in about an hourish?…

I really like the improvements they made to the tablet. The pressure sensitivity feels a lot more natural and the function buttons to the side of the tablet are, for once, very useful.

The other completely unrelated topic I want to talk about is Haruhi. I recently finished watching it (because I gave up once trying to sit through episode 1). My first impression with it wasn’t very good – the animation is top notch but in terms of character depth, I’ve seen much better stuff (just off the top of my head… Mai-Hime).

While I was bored one night I decided to go back and try to watch the episodes again in chronological order. There are some interesting tidbits of information that you notice when you watch it again. I’m probably going to watch it a 3rd time in some order just to make sure I don’t miss anything.

But one fact remains true: Kyon should be sent to the firing squad for being the oblivious, indecisive moron that he is.

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