2007 Resolutions

-Invest my savings
Anywhere but rotting it in the bank.

-Improve overall health
Still trying to find a good book to get this one started. I think I need to get on a diet diet revolution. Not to eat less, but to eat healthy – that’ll probably do more than just trying to squeeze exercise in my life.

-Improve people skills
Books, classes, there’s got to be something that helps.

-Work on personal projects again
I really, really want this to happen. 2003 was the year I did my last thing and it’s still making an impact. I want the next one to actually get me somewhere.

-Draw everyday
One of my biggest regrets last year, beyond all else. I’ve stopped doing casual coloring/CGs for about four to five years now, and last year I’m not even making sketches on scrap papers anymore. Sadly, this resolution is broken already because I did not draw on the 1st, but

-Not to give up after my first failure
This will compensate. This is not a joke either – it’s time for me to give everything a second shot.

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