Year 2006 In Review

After some consideration, I think I’m just going to skip the post about how Christmas sucks for me. As this journal now serves the reader more than the writer, I think it’s a good idea to keep the senseless suck to a minimum and the up and up to a maximum.

So I’d just like to review my 2006 before I move on to the new year’s resolutions.

January: My previous computer, the rocket launcher, finally gave away its last blast and died off. Not bad for something with enough heat to keep an entire room warm all through winter. I was also very happy with Seagate hard drives – it’s been running like Durcell batteries even after all of the other components died off.

February: Without a desktop, I’ve been going back to my roots of forum whoring and emulator games. My Dad got served a legal paper and for the first time in our (nuclear) family history, we had to hire a lawyer to deal with the legal trouble.

March: Mom quited her job, and the entire family had its first discussion of “life when dad and mom can no longer provide”. Been an ongoing discussion ever since.

April: The first of the many, many deadlines that I’ve missed this year. My work project ended up being one of my biggest disappointment this year, but it is definitely a lesson learned.

May: Finally realized that WoW is more of a second job than a game, but still helpless against the fact when everyone still played it.

June: I found

July: Missing my second deadline of the year and preparing for AX. I went all out on 2005 and got nothing in return, so I made a small, safe investment in 2006 and got myself a small, safe return. I’ll try to make my triumphant return in what would very likely be my last year working at AX.

August: A visit from my long forgotten past triggered some deep seated feelings. Realized how much my life had changed since High School. Therein lies the sad part of no longer being a fool – you no longer do the foolhardy stuff and in return you learn nothing new.

September: DDR SuperNOVA came out! Ur… not really that excited actually. It’s not rekindling any of the old good times, that’s for sure.

November: Missed my third deadline of the year at work, but my boss got me a Nintendo DS anyway. After this, and after seeing the Wii in action, my faith in good old Nintendo is restored. Take that, Giant Enemy Crab!

December: Narrowly missed my final final final deadline of the year, got fired, missed a cruise and a trip to Vegas, and got myself a Magic Bullet (as seen on TV) for Christmas.

Since when I see a half glass of water I see “going to be empty in a few seconds”, I’d go on the record to say 2006 sucked. Real work sucked, I’m tied down to a second job where I pay to go to work, and there’s negative progress in the relationship department. If I can roll back 2006 I would, and I’d probably roll back 2005 as well.

Here’s to making 2007 a little less sucky.

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