My waking hours: 4PM-6AM. Life is normal again.

So my recent venture back into WoW is quite short-lived as my friends are planning to take their leave… rightfully so, I think the best part of that game is over already, at least for them. As for me, I’m not quite sure if all the time and effort I put into it was really worth it in the first place. There’s a few shining “hell yeah!” moments in the game that you can’t get anywhere else, but otherwise it’s been very… life like. As in, it’s like a routine, a part of your day job, which is anything but what a game is suppose to be.

Although right now, I kind of feel like I got cut off from my daily drug dosage at the time of my highest addition index. The withdrawal symptoms are disconcerting.

Not to mention that I’m currently in a rather chaotic state between jobs right now. I bitch and complained about the DSC project, but at least it had a beefy and regular paycheck (at least in the beginning) and there’s very little concern about what to do next – unlike some people, I absolutely hate uncertainties. If someone would lay my life out on a spreadsheet I’d gladly follow it, exercising my free will to sell myself to slavery… although curiously, Christianity didn’t quite pan out for me – the whole free from sin part? Nope, uh-uh. Can’t do it to save my life, which is exactly what happened.

My side web programming job (which is going on alpha now) is a lot of fun, but a side job is a side job and it doesn’t pay the bills (and the plan is that I’ll need to start paying the bills VERY SOON). My old associates at UCI hooked me up with a temporary project that would theoretically keep me paid for another two two three months. I’ll be staffing at AX again, and I got roped in by my brother to take a trip to Hawaii mid-August, then…


No plans at all.

I thought about writing games again after I was done with DSC. I thought about starting a webcomic. At the very least, I should be writing a damn website so I can put my portfolio on the web.

But still, nothing planned. All the while, time is slipping away faster than I want it too – look, here I am, half a year past 2007, not a damn thing I’ve done that’d make my eulogy proud. If there’s such a thing as a mid-20s crisis I’m smack in the middle of it.

On a strange note, I’m settling into my abnormal summer schedule of waking up in the twilight hours and going to sleep at daybreak (if it’s not a work day, that is), just like last summer. This can’t be a good thing. I’m turning into a goddamn vampire.

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