The Obligatory Post AX Post (That Nobody Reads)

… because if I actually make my regular post AX post, I can just copy and paste all the materials I had from last year and call it a day. Not much had changed – and it’s a problem of sorts. There’s too much manual labor going on, too much pencil and paper record keeping, and too many mistakes being made to keep our clients (the artists, screw the con-goers) happy.

Staffing at AX always drain me physically, but it is also a vacation of sorts for me – as a peon under a manager I can freely turn off my brain and let everything drift into autopilot; as a staff member I can freely rant over stupid con-goers without a care in the world. It is just completely opposite of my daily work of finding “creative solutions” and having “business meetings” while sitting on my ass all day long.

Going to look for cosplayer pictures and the sub v. dub parliamentary debate later…

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