Rant Tuesday: Ranting About Not Able to Rant Anymore

Today, I’ve finally come up with a good topic that I wanted to cover. However, about an hour into it I’ve realized that I can’t post it, not publicly anyway. It’s not the first time I have to reconsider posting something candid but controversial, and for that reason linking these writings with my real identity does sort of suck.

In any case, I should be careful about what I post, anyway… too many people got their fifteen minutes of fame the wrong way by posting something incredibly irresponsible and stupid on the internet, and they have to live with its consequence for months if not a lifetime. I don’t think I’ll ever post anything as severe here, but some topics will get a rise out of someone regardless of how carefully I craft the argument… so in the end, I err on the side of caution.

Then I have to consider my potential audience. There are just things that I would gladly talk about with my friends but not my family; there are things I’d talk about with my family but not my current and potential future employers. If I have to self censor and post something that’d satisfy all three categories of audiences, what’s left over (or what I’ve been posting so far) is so generic that I might as well not make the posts at all.

The reason I’ve decided to blog-a-day is to re-hone some of the crafts that I’ve dropped post-college; ranting about brain dead, politically correct topics is not going to improve any part of my being. Starting next week, I’ll replace this space with short stories, scripts, or extra materials from one of the four other daily types (game design, webcomic, music, art).

Still have to make up for last Friday. More art to do for tomorrow, too!

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