Weekend Art WIP: Replacement art for Flash Duel

I talked about Flash Duel last Tuesday. There’s a lot to like about the game – it’s unique, it’s fast, it’s cerebral but not overwhelmingly so, there are times when you’ll have to take a chance and win or lose, the next game takes like no time to set up.

The game is in its second iteration – there’s a pedestrian version and a deluxe version of the first edition of the game, where one is a bit too bare bone and the other too expensive (laser etching everything probably costed a lot of money)… so with the second edition release, the card art got updated, a lot of the deluxe components are replaced with less durable but much better looking printed cardboard, except for one thing.

The track that the duelists walk on. It’s so pedestrian. Compared to all the character art, the track is a relic that really, really needs to get an upgrade. And I thought, I don’t do enough background/landscape pieces (I haven’t done a single piece this last two months…), this is two birds with one stone!

Then the heat wave hits SoCal. God it’s too hot in here. This is as far as I got with the times of day that’s not melting my face off:

You can see the original layout underneath the new one. What I’ve drawn up is obviously a sketch and color test, but I like what I have over what was there already. It’d be best if I can plan it so the landscape would naturally have dark and light spaces (required as part of the game mechanics), but if not artificially darkening spots still doesn’t look too bad.

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