It’s a gift.

I think… I think I’m done. It’s a little Vampire Survivor clone (I guess someone invented a genre title, Horde games, for this now) that started out as a one day exercise and grown to become so much more.

You can play it here or in its own dedicated window, if that’s what you prefer.

The initial concept for this game took one day to finish. Getting most of the game mechanics working took about two more weeks. The rest of the minor tweaks and balancing… took a month and a half. All in all, I’m happy about the result, especially since it actually runs relatively smoothly on real hardware once I’ve stripped out and rewritten some of the more computationally expensive components – like per-pixel accurate collision detection. I think I have literally run out of storage space to develop for actual hardware though – any major feature that I try to add would break the build file that I try to create.

This was created for my niece, Sophie, with a small cameo from her cat Jiji. Jury is still out on whether she’d like this or not. Fingers crossed!

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