Another group of unrelated events

Another week wasted.
No improvement on my DDR skills.
No progress on any of my personal projects.
Has not been drawing well or improving.
No significant improvement over my social life since I wasn’t even out for the most part.
Slept too much.

However, after finding a link on the Aaron in Japan board on modding MMB metal pads, I’ve finally got one modded and hooked up to my PC. I’m becoming more and more impressed by its performance – response time from panel press to register is only 0.033 seconds, which is almost completely accurate, so I do spend a sizable amount of time messing with the 4 DDREI Tournamixes that I’ve downloaded. Along with Anime Mix and a few of my own creations, my song list is already an intimidating 430 songs and almost none of it is from any of the DDR Mixes (it turns out that many of the Tournamix entries that uses songs from other bemani series became actual songs in Extreme). Currently, my brother already collected 1st to 7th Mix for me, so if I decided to grab his stuff I’d have a song list of 2000+. It’d take more than a year to play all the songs once even if I play a 3 song game everyday!

I’ve also been playing Lionheart and Devastation, both of them economy sized mediocre titles. Lionheart tries to be a cross between FallOut and Diablo but ended up being neither, and Devastation is your typical FPS that gives too little health to the main character.

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