My life is in perpetual darkness.

Been feeling a little down lately, but that’s the least of my problems… after my HL2 marathon, my sleep wake schedule has literally gone to hell, since I work at night and there’s no reason to set (or turn off after I set) the alarm clock.

So now I go to sleep at 7 AM, right when the sun goes UP, and wake up at 5 PM, right when the sun goes DOWN. I feel like a vampire.

Half Life 2!!111one one… wha?

And this spells my first play through of Half Life 2. For some reason, I finished HL2 a lot faster than I did with Doom 3 (which is to say, I didn’t finish Doom 3). Suffice to say, it has to be a great game if anyone is willing to sit through a good 15-16 hour session to play through it from start to finish… which is what I did.

Long story short, HL2 followed the “same” formula as Doom 3 – they mimic their predecessors without rehashing any of the material, which makes the experience spankin fresh. I gotta admit though, HL2 is one up over Doom 3 – Just as the original Half Life is one up over Quake 2. I’m also now a little tempted to fork over an extra $10 to get the remake of Half Life using the new Source engine – it’s out, and I can get it 3:27 in the morning since it’s online delivery.

Now, sleep… and then, work tomorrow…

Pedophile Beastality

(22:12:42) GarbledOne: <-- song too catchy >_< (22:12:45) GarbledOne: but the game is so bad (22:13:28) jamuszero: let me give it a shot after the d/l (22:14:08) GarbledOne: lol, sure (22:21:14) jamuszero: whoa (22:21:25) jamuszero: you didn't say anything about the H part (22:21:33) GarbledOne: er, my bad? (22:21:50) jamuszero: good thing those dophin sounds can sound like anything else... (22:21:58) GarbledOne: hahaha (22:22:45) jamuszero: but the gameplay looks like monopoly meets slot machine meets princess maker before the ur... dophins kicked in (22:23:09) GarbledOne: pretty much (22:23:22) jamuszero: I'm still living at home... gotta warn me about those H stuff >_< (22:24:04) jamuszero: But damn, nothing before that part would hint me that it has anything H... I mean, hell, those girls are like what, 8? (22:24:54) GarbledOne: i know (22:24:59) GarbledOne: well, they're "maidens" (22:25:03) GarbledOne: which means they're nto human 😛 (22:25:07) GarbledOne: so it's more bestiality (22:26:04) GarbledOne: i'm trying to find that song though >_< (22:26:15) jamuszero: there's gotta be a law somewhere that prohibits pedophile beastality...

An updated room

Recently, my brother bought himself a piano (not a grand piano, but an eletric piano that has the touch and feel of a grand piano), right after he got himself a guitar. His room is crammed, and so I offered to take one of the cabinets out of his room, and at the same time get rid of my log of uselessness (a 2 level drawer). After a day of labor, here’s the new neater, more organized look to my house:

desktop/window side

drawing desk side

Everything is now more accessible and looks so much nicer and cleaner. compare it to the old layout and see how much better it is.

The Political Compass

Usually, I’m not a big supporter of online polls or surveys, but since the political wind is dying but not completely over, I provide you with this excellent source to reaffirm where you stand:

The Political Compass

And my results (it is recommended that you don’t see the types of results you get before taking the survey):

Economic Left/Right: -1.50
Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -1.49

As I predicted, I lean toward the lower left corner. I’m kind of surprised that I’m not as leftist as I thought I would be (the numbers going from a scale of 1 to 10). In fact, I’m closer to dead center than anything else… which, in retrospect, makes sense, since I tend to enjoy being a neutral arbiter in heated disputes.


– Since I’ve graduated and I can do whatever the hell I want, maybe I should consider moving back to Hong Kong.
– George W. Bush not MY president, period.
– You kids might not believe it, but the drafts are coming, and we’re all going to die! Even if you don’t, there will be security cameras all over the US watching your every move, even when you change your panties!
– The masses have spoken today, they all said “we’re stupid but there’s more of us than you, so fuck you! Ha ha!”
– Maybe I should delete this LJ in disgust.
– I no longer recognize this country. Civil war! Civil war!
– I will no longer play computer games or… wait a minute…
– This entry is about a prayer to God that the President of my country, elected by this nation’s citizens according to standards set by this nation’s founding fathers over 200 years ago, should die, and then orchestrate a gargantuan ruckus concerning that post’s consequences in the biggest pile of online political drama crap ever fucking imaginable (which is a quite big pile, I’ll tell you that).

Can you post the above in your journal, and follow it?
Not saying you have to. Just wondering: can you?

What’s there to follow? I just said everything that I needed to say.