The End Of The World (Remix)

Okay, so here’s the citizens of Azeroth, just chillin’

So one day, the alliance decides those Crossroad sons of bitches are goin’ down, so we launched our nuke at Crossroad

While that’s on its way the horde is like “shit shit who the fuck is shooting at us? Oh well, fire missiles!”

Now the alliance is like “fuck, we’re dumbasses”

Meanwhile, the people down in the underground trams are still going “WTF Mate”

… But assuming we don’t blow ourselves up, us Stormwind humans just have to work on Stormwind breaking off from the alliance.
To go hang with Onyxia.
Night elf females can come too.


PvP Madness x 100

Day 1 after honor system is implemented.

yea, it doesn’t beat war of emperium, not to mention the game reduces to turn based combat when that many people (80+ counting both sides) group in the same small area… but it’s amusing… and I want those damn PvP rewards.

the paths less traveled…

For this entire week, I’ve been having dreams that represents some strange aspect of what “would have been”. The messages are rather personal and so I’ll skip names whenever it might hurt those who are involved, but the general experience is wierd enough that it’s worth mentioning, so here goes.


I had a dream where I’ve finally decided to leave my house to live in an apartment with some friends that I know. What makes the situation perplexing was that in this fictional world, I had not left my old church, and I had to struggle with my “spiritual bankrupcy” as I try to live the double life of being the sinful bastard in the daytime, and trying to maintain the saintly image on weekends and sundays. Then it just came all crashing down when my old church fellowship visited my bachelor pad – all hell broke loose, what with all the accusations about my lifestyle, possibly lying about the steadfastness of my faith, how I would probably go to hell eternally, etc. It does make me appreciate to a degree that I did leave my old church for good – their ideology borderline on the fanatic, and my “misstep” would bear problems for my family as well, had I tried to continue my double life.


I had a dream where I’ve followed through on one of my romantic pursuits and it was the day that I’m getting married. There’s really nothing wrong with the scenario except for the fact that it’s very otherworldly – while half of me wants what was happening to be truly happening, the other half of me keeps reminding me that none of it could be real, that it’s all too good to be true. Understanding someone else, in my extended opinion, is a task that I don’t believe I can undertake well, and I’ve had cases of indulging in selfish romantic fantasies barring all consequences. I still think that it’s worth my time to go through with them, if only for the life experience to be learned, but I’d hardly believe anyone would be a fairy tale come true. I’d still look forward to it, if it’s an omen of the future, though.

LAN parties and etc.

First off, I really have to say today’s Penny Arcade strip is hilarious. I’m also quite amused at their progression in learning the freakish glob of mutating thing that is anime culture. I’ll put my bet that next year they’ll learn a little something something called roricon…

So last weekend was a break from the ordinary and I get to reunite with a bunch of people I haven’t met in months (in person), on a poker/LAN party double header weekend. Good times. I wanted to say more but there really isn’t much to say about it – just that it’s good times.

Various topics


(no spoilers intended, but it’ll probably ruin the story nonetheless)

Air’s ending is just… I’m speechless. While I understand the general idea of the story for the most part, explaining the specifics is really a mind fucker, with all the supernatural connections and the timeline and the OMG my brain exploded

In the end, there’s no mistake that Air TV’s animation quality is much better than Kanon’s, but story wise I prefer Kanon’s unrealistic but at the very least easily explainable plot logic. Also I like happy endings.

Speaking of conclusive happy endings, check out Mai-Hime’s. When the plot twist starts turning in that series, I thought this series would be the real brain fucker… but instead someone switched the reset button and everyone is happy happy again… a little too happy happy in some sense, but it brings CLOSURE, damnit! I swear, half of the anime I saw don’t have a trace of that word in their dictionaries.

And I’m still watching Bleach. After I learned that it’s a shonen-jump series, I was hoping that it wouldn’t be like all the other shonen-jump stuff that drags and drags and drags… but it ends up being that way in the end. Sad.


I also found this cool thing on the internet after some blog link jumping…

The Gender Genie

Despite the published results, this little gem is fairly accurate in predicting the gender of everyone on my friend’s list, and myself as well. Only one person on the list scored semi-consistently on the wrong gender, but I don’t find that alarming, at least not as alarming as the damn “LJ Compatibility” thingamajig. I find the gender specific keywords to be quite amusing though – who would have thought that small words like “so” would score so high in support of one gender over another?